What Is Muscovado Sugar? Substitutes, Benefits & Loses

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Muscovado sugar is natural cane sugar that includes natural molasses. It has a moist texture, rich brown colour, and a toffee-like taste. It’s normally used to provide sweets like cakes, cookies, and candies with a lower flavour but can similarly be added to savoury dishes. Always assumed an artisanal sugar, muscovado sugar is created with … Read more

Demerara Sugar: Is It Better Than White Sugar?

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Demerara sugar: Demerara sugar is manufactured from sugarcane and consists of huge plants which give a nice, crunchy texture in baking. It originates from Guyana (recently Demerara) in South America. However, the maximum demerara sugar vulnerable today arrives from Mauritius in Africa. It’s often utilized as sprinkles to illuminate cakes and muffins but can similarly … Read more